The Office Party

xmas-table2.jpgYou want to see bounty? Have a potluck lunch in an office dominated by women. Our holiday lunch today had so much food that we had to set it up around the periphery of our largest conference room and do laps. Lots of meat. Samosas. Greek cheese pastries. Apples and dip. Lots of cheese. Casseroles galore. Crunchy Chinese salad. Pomegranate infused salad. Deviled eggs. Punch. An entire table filled with desserts. Every holiday cookie imaginable.

There was even a DVD that projected the image of a roaring fireplace on a large screen while playing Christmas songs. Each table was decorated with crepe paper, pine cones, and pine branches. It was over the top, small town Wisconsin style.

Today I am grateful for the abundance of food, laughter, and friendship shared at lunch.


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