The World’s Smallest Friend

On morning this week my sister knocked on my door and woke me up.  I stumbled to the door, wrapped in my comforter, then to the bathroom to put in my contacts.  “I brought the World’s Smallest Friend,” she said as I blinked the sleep out of my eyes.  I pictured some kind of plastic action figure and was pleasantly surprised to come out of the bathroom and meet the cutest puppy ever.  We spent the next hour or so on the floor, playing with the puppy.  That was an awesome way to start the day.  Oh, how different the world looks through the eyes of a creature that only comes up to my ankles (and how dirty the kitchen floor looks when sitting at his level.)  I am grateful for the surprise visit and the sweetness of baby animals.

worlds smallest friend

worlds smallest friend 2

worlds smallest friend3

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