Things I am Grateful for Today

  • getting up before my alarm, having enough morning time to get some work done
  • good coffee
  • oatmeal mixed with almond butter
  • my bro and sis coming into town today
  • its getting warmer (maybe we’ll go above freezing?)
  • Middlesex turning out to be a great read
  • upcoming trip to La Crosse
  • funny Ben Stiller movies
  • an organized office
  • new ideas for my first blog series (get hyped!)
  • funny ideas on creative fundraising
  • the fact that I actually really like my job and coworkers
  • time to take more photographs
  • writing and thinking a lot about friendship today
  • business as a freelancer is booming
  • facebook (the FB buzz still hasn’t worn off)
  • looking forward to seeing friends tonight
  • the ability to unplug from the internet so I can get down to work

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