Those Foxy People

So many times while I was working for someone else, I would be out on my lunch break and see all these people doing lots of things that I would rather be doing: running, shopping, biking, hanging at coffee shops and more.  More than envy them, I wanted to be one of them.  For years, I asked myself how I could become independently wealthy so that I, too, could live each day exactly as I wanted.

Today, after getting a few things done in the morning, I took my cross country skis to Monona Golf Course and spent part of my afternoon outside, exploring on skis.  I only fell one time (a few more close calls) and I saw a fox!  I stopped to adjust my gloves and there he was about 50 feet ahead of me on the path with his cute, bushy tail.  We sized each other up for a minute and then he trotted up the hill into the trees, looking back only once.

Part of my course took me by Monona road, where busy people are driving to and from the office.  I imagined myself in my car, last year, gazing at the clumsy skier on the course with jealousy.  I am grateful to finally have the lifestyle I’ve wanted.  I don’ t know that I’d fit your definition of independently wealthy, but on days like today, I feel rich.

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