Thoughts of Gratitude for January 15th

First and foremost, the high temperature for today is below zero, which is enough to make me grateful for the basics:  warm clothes, warm house, a car that started this morning, and the fact that I don’t have to leave the house unless I want to.

Secondly, many of you may have been subjected to the pop-up window offering you the chance to receive Snippets of Gratitude postcards in my upcoming birthday give away and to receive updates on my work.  Those of you who have adblocking software, or other reason you didn’t see the pop-up, you can sign up here: Free Snippets of Gratitude Postcards.

As my birthday approaches, more details will come on the postcards.  I am getting pretty excited to share them with you.

Also, lots to be grateful for today, but too cold to think and write creatively.  Thus, a list.

  • waking up to hot oatmeal yesterday, freshly brewed coffee today
  • a new lamp to beat the winter blues
  • making it to day 15 of my latest 30-day challenge (push-ups first thing in the morning)
  • a new chiropractor
  • easy access to cold remedies
  • Vistaprint – making it so easy to print things for cheap
  • warm socks arriving in the mail – like a second christmas
  • clean laundry
  • one of my favorite artists agreeing to design the cover to my book
  • Facebook connecting me with new and old friends
  • A good friend’s birthday party.  Her testing the 30’s water for two weeks before me, and letting me know how its going
  • the gym and the days I have the motivation to go there.
  • the approach of February 17th, when the DTV commercials will stop
  • seeing people you love get excited about their future, feeling hope
  • invitations for speaking gigs that keep coming

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