Two dry hands and five papercuts later.

I was a few days late stuffing the envelopes for the mailing I was going to send to all my coworkers.  All 971 of them.  Last night, Diene helped me stuff about 200 until I spotted a glaring typo.  May 13, 200.  Pretty sure there wasn’t color printing back then.  Then Diene helped me unstuff about 200 envelopes.
Today at work all copy  machines were broken except the color copier (which was the one I needed.) How awesome is that luck?  As I was thanking the copyguy for his help with the copyin’ and foldin’, he asked if I needed any other help because he had time to spare.

“Could you stuff some envelopes?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” he said  “We’re all playing for the same team, right?”

Such a selfless gesture stood out in a place I’ve being strugging to find support lately.

I am grateful for copyguy, who may never know how much his time meant to me today.

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