We’ve got Ghandi, Plato, Emily Dickinson and Pamela Anderson

Photo By CoontiesI am sitting among a group of ten strangers, all of whom are far from home and at the same work-related conference. We are sitting around two tables in a Moroccan restaurant and have ordered as a group. I was forced to move from one end of the table to another to sit by the other vegetarian so we could share. This is a family style restaurant. I love it, but I am less sure that my companions do. There was a lot of complaining when the waiter explained the system to us. Presumably, everyone is on their best behavior, trying to be civil in a group of new friends. However, some people are inept in hiding their discomfort with new things.

The other vegetarian and I are making chit chat and find we have a lot in common. Not too much of a surprise. We are both creative, love to cook, and laugh often. She says to me outloud, “Its nice to have another vegetarian in the group. It gets so old being the only one,” I smile and nod in agreement, but she’s not done. Under her breath, she says to me, “I just wonder when the rest of the world is going to catch up with us.”

Today, I am thankful for solidarity among strangers with shared values.

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