Why Being a Performance Gear Model is Hard Work

Some people may think the life of a performance gear model is all weather-proofed synthetics and on-location panoramic views, but let me assure you it is not the life of accessorized leisure and luxury captured in REI, Athleta and Title Nine catalogues.

You may be forced into life-threatening positions to prove the durability of the newest line of pants.

Performance Gear Models IV

Group shots have to be taken repeatedly, sometimes for hours, so that no one is caught blinking.

Performance Gear Models III

Photos that hide the gear and showcase your face make you feel exploited for your sex appeal.

Performance Gear Models II

Photo assistants forget details like Splenda in your coffee and firewood in your hearth.

Performance Gear Models I

Occasionally, on the most rustic sets, a wild animal is thrown into the photo and you are left at your mercy to tame it.
Performance Gear Models at Work

Still, even with all the 16-hour days and mandatory Nalgene product placements, you get to hang out with other cool athletic women – and that is something to be grateful for.

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