Why Wyalusing?

Wyalusing State Park is such a gem!  Camping on a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers just puts anyone in a good mood.  Things I was grateful for this weekend:

  • Stepping up the menu from the usual veggie burgers on a bun to chili, pasta, roasted veggies.
  • Fun in the canoe – my first time paddling the Mississippi
  • Wildlife sightings on the river galore – water snake, raccoon family, muskrat, turtles, great blue heron, turkey vulture, so many other birds that made me wish I had brought this book
  • Near-crisis averted by Diene’s swift recovery of my abandoned paddle
  • friendly neighbors
  • great people watching
  • going for a run through the woods, past effigy mounds
  • having time to sit down and read The Sun, cover to cover
  • Showers with hot water
  • a cruise to Bagley, WI where Grandpa’s General Store did have everything we needed
  • entertaining the idea of running away to canoe the Mississippi from Minnesota to New Orleans and leave all the rest behind


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