Writing Progress in 2007

Yesterday, I started the day at Cool Beans sitting next to a fire, sipping hot coffee and writing in my journal.  As the year draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on all the progress that I’ve made in the year.  Looking at the whole picture gives me perspective on where where I am right now and reminds me the daily frustrations are only temporary.  Stuck on my book.  Waiting for responses to queries.  Wondering which direction to move in.   These will pass, probably at a rate so slow I don’t notice.  Focus on where I want to go,  take small steps in that direction, and eventually I’ll end up looking at the destination as a milestone on an even greater journey.

I am grateful for how my freelance writing is steadily coming along.  This year my first book came out (an anthology) and I made over $500 selling my writing in the last month alone.  My highest paying clip was at a rate of  $0.80/word – I am very grateful for that.  In 2008, I will hit the $1/word mark!

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