Another Reason to Breakup with the News

It has been a long winter. There is not doubt about that. We have spent a lot of time shoveling, scraping, and pushing cars out of snowbanks. Still, does this quote, taken from the Capital Times, make anyone feel better?

“When we set the mark we can say it’s never been worse than this winter,” said Weather Central meteorologist Brian Olson during his radio weather forecast early this morning.

It’s never been worse – what a perspective! Does anyone ever really feel good after reading about crime, violence, recession, and the latest political scrabble between those we will choose to lead our country? Try to remind yourself as you listen, watch, or read that fear and pessimism is only one point of view.

I am grateful for the record-breaking snow fall. It got me out cross country skiing and sledding and continues to offer me plenty of opportunity to do so. It’s making my investment of Yak Trax well worth it. Last week, during the blizzard, I met every single neighbor on my block as we spent hours outside helping one another shovel out and move our cars. I have seen the kindness of strangers every time I’ve gotten my car stuck and someone appears out of no where to give me a push. Plus, when we are old and gray, we can tell our grandchildren how much tougher life was when it snowed more than ever and have the proof to back it up.

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  1. You should be proud of your snowfall record. I was watching the Weather Channel (to see how much snow we are going to get in Boston)–and Madison was showcased for breaking its snowfall record!

  2. Its exciting…all this snow. What a winter we’ve had. Not too helpful for the running, though. I guess this year’s training will be indoor.

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