Back Home

I am back home in Wisconsin and feeling lucky for all the great things in my life. A few of them:

  • Emily’s hospitality and natural tour-guide skills
  • a best friend I can hang out with for hours, days, weeks, months…a lifetimebeach-shadows.jpg
  • Diene’s airport pickup and new hairstyle debut
  • Suitcase delivery
  • receding snowbanks
  • cash cows that make it possible to travel
  • feeling ready to make the 5-year plan
  • the “mercy murder” test
  • coffee and soy milk
  • a 55 degree day in Madison
  • visits to the beach
  • living so close to my family
  • my blog
  • the internet
  • gardening season is approaching
  • the beats of Rebelution
  • free weights at home
  • outside runs
  • a foot free of tendinitis
  • waking up each day feeling hyped about what could happen

2 responses to “Back Home”

  1. two important questions: what does the new hairstyle look like and perhaps more importantly, what does the five year plan look like?

  2. The hairstyle involves pulling the hair in front back (one might call it a half-up do.) It involves no elastic, though, so it goes right back to old style after any major movement.
    The 5-year plan is still a blank page. I said I was feeling ready to make it – not that I was actually making it! : )

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