Be the Champion You Are: Bid High

I am setting up my home office, which is by no one’s definition spacious. Especially now that I have to house a real business here (as opposed to a comfy spot for facebook’ing, flickr‘ing and other daily online reading)

In-with-the-new necessitates out-with-the-old, or I risk becoming this woman.

My methods of cleaning out are varied: I put a lamp outside my house with a “Free” sign;I posted a Freecycle offer on a favorite message board, I’m packing up a box for St. Vinnies. But a few things, that I think might actually have some value, I’ve listed on ebay.

Anyone want to buy a memory stick grab bag or a Wisconsin State Capitol Model?

I am grateful for Ebay, the world’s greatest flea market, where buying is made to feel like winning.


One response to “Be the Champion You Are: Bid High”

  1. The human power to accumulate things astounds me. When Derek and I got married, we purged so many things. Each of the four years since, we have participated in the neighborhood yard sale and thought we had rid ourselves of everything possible, and yet we still find more. Where does it all come from?

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