Celebrating Inauguration in San Francisco

As I grow into the writer I have spent years dreaming of and working towards,  I owe cubic tons of gratitude to Brad Newsham.  He was the first real writer who appreciated my work.  Although a simple a vote of confidence would have been enough, he also awarded me $1,000, giving me an inkling that writing could bring in money.

Now Brad continues to be a changer of lives, an inspiration to the masses. Today, he is inviting anyone (hoping for 450 people) to Ocean Beach in San Francisco to spell out:


with bodies in the sand.  A helicopter will arrive and take a picture for a postcards.  If this is hard to imagine, check out the “Impeach Both” photo below – it was one of Brad’s original political beach writing creations.

I am grateful to have met Brad and continue to be inspired by his life.


Aerial photography by Tom Heinz: www.heinzight.com

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  1. Hi Katie!
    Michael, Maya and I got to be part of the Yes! And we met Brad in person for the first time. It was funny, when we started talking about Backpack Nation he mentioned you right away without even knowing that we know you! It was such a fun, beautiful, exciting, inspiring afternoon! You’ve probably seen them, but Brad put photos up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14778325@N04/
    Hope you’re doing well! Happy New Year and Happy Inauguration!

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