Coming out of the American Closet

When I was traveling through India in the months immediately following September 11th, 2001 the news from the United States was war, war, war.  First in Afghanistan, then the War on Terror, and eventually Iraq.  When a Sikh gas station attendant was murdered because some ignorant redneck with a gun thought his turban made him a terrorist, it made headlines in India, the country that is home to Sikhs.  I told everyone I was Canadian.

Now, the USA has something to be proud of.  I am grateful to be proud to tell people I am an American the next time I travel abroad.

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  1. I hear you, Katie! During the election four years ago, I was teaching English in France, and, needless to say, none of the students were excited to have an “American” assistant. Now, I’m in Berlin, and it’s a completely different world. When I receive emails or run into friends, the first thing I hear is a hefty “congratulations”. I did my part to vote absentee, but other than that the election result is nothing I can personally take credit for. Nevertheless I am so happy for this new turn in American events. PS. Feel more than welcome to come visit Berlin!!!

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