Yesterday I only meant to ride my bike over to my sister’s place and then to the garden: no more than a mile or so.  But once I felt the wind in my hair and the cool summer breeze against my face, I couldn’t stop.  I rode all around the neighborhood – close to home because I had neglected to wear my helmet (shame, shame) – and saw so many people that I know.  Stopping to chat, getting compliments on my Schwinn, cruising the smooth bike paths, wearing my favorite new dress and sunglasses – it was just awesome.  Then I came home and made a dinner that was almost completely fresh from the garden – spinach, beans, tomato, basil and noodles.  I am very grateful for the yummy dinner and yummy ride on the late July evening here in Madison.

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  1. hey, that sounds great! madison in the summer makes up for its winter, don’t you think?

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