Embracing the Traveler’s Spirit at Home

There are  days when I feel heavy with regret that I didn’t ride out the traveling gig I had after college for just a few more years.  I read a particularly good travel story or watch a particularly inspiring travel video and I fill with fear that I’ll never be able to do that again; at least not as carefree as I once did.

What time has erased is that at moments during those trips, I was wrecked with confusion about what was next, continually asking myself what I was going to do with my life.  Other times, I was lonely, exhausted, and in many more cases that I’d like to remember, dealing with some sort of gastrointenstinal enemy invader.

All of those burdens have been lifted in my memory.  The only thing that remains is the feeling that every day I woke up in a exotic place full of things to learn, knowing that it would be an adventure.  I didn’t know where I’d go, who I’d meet, or what I’d see. All I knew is that it was going to be sweet.

Traveling is possibility.  That is what I long for.

Yet, today, in a conversation with someone I am deeply grateful to know, I found myself talking about my latest gig, my writing business.  I no longer ask myself what I am going to do with my life; I am doing it.  I wake up feeling excited about the day ahead and, each and every day, I am delightfully surprised by what is brought to me.  I meet someone new.  I learn.  I create.  A new part of the world reveals itself to me.   Here  – less than 100 miles from where I grew up – I wake up feeling much like I did in so many foreign cities around the globe.

My life is possibility.  That is what I am grateful for today.

If you haven’t watched the Dancing Guy’s video yet, you are in for a treat.

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  1. Dang. There’s nothing worse than trying to discretely read, listen or watch something at work and then bursting into tears because it’s so moving. I’m grateful for dancing.

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