Entroducing an Intelligent Senephile*

The internet is such an amazing tool that has opened my world wider than imaginable. One of my favorite recent connections made via “le net” is with a fellow linguist who has created a website dedicated to learning Wolof. How cool is that?!

Why not expand your own vocabulary today and learn 10 Random Wolof Words?

Or watch a video of some family’s trip to Saint Louis, Senegal – it give you a pretty good idea of a typical Senegalese market?

Have you always wondered what to call those large African drums, whose surface is made of goat skin?

I am grateful for the internet that introduced me to Amadou and for his will in putting together an awesome site! Visit it today.

*Two of the four words in the title I made up, just now. Maybe I’ll someday put together a blog that teaches folks how to communicate with me!

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  1. i am grateful for Katies love of Senegal…and grateful for her effortless crusade to share her passions with myself and others…i am grateful that with these links i can “travel without moving”…and learn about Diene, who is so dear to me, to learn about his country, his culture…to learn about Katie and her expereince and connection to Senegal…and Diene…i am grateful for my ability to see this as an opportunity to add richness to my friendship with them both by clicking on these links to “le net”.

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