Feuerzangenbowle punch

I’ve been losing a lot of cords lately – first my iPod charger and then my photo memory card reader.  I am still not convinced that there isn’t a thief among us, but hey – I’ve bought replacements and once again my blog has photos of the things that I am grateful for.   First on the list – Feuerzangenbowle punch – which is some awesome type of flaming alcohol that my friend Pete serves at his annual Feuerzangenbowle punch party.  Hopefully my readers in Germany will appreciate this.  (I know there is at least one of you!)  Grateful for new cords and flaming liquor – not necessarily together.


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  1. I have encountered many crazy things here in Germany: the “multifunctional” toothbrush, bacon- and peanut-flavored chips, radio traffic reports that include warnings about swans and wildboars on the Autobahn, usw. But flaming alcohol is really one of the best. All I can say is “Zum Wohl” (and hopefully you didn’t end up with a “Kater”)!!

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