Gliding Over Frozen Lake Monona

One of the best ways to beat winter is to get outside and do fun activities. Since we’ve already mastered sledding, this weekend we moved on to skiing. Saturday night we went to Governor Nelson State Park with friends and skied on torch-lit trails. After an easy 1.3 mile loop, we warmed up with hot cocoa and a fire. Sunday, we ventured out to the middle of Lake Monona for an uncommon view of Madison.  The photos turned out awesome.

I am worn out. I can’t believe how much work cross country skiing is. But it was a fabulous weekend and I can’t imagine having taken advantage of our warm spell any other way. For getting over my fear that the lake really isn’t frozen enough to support my weight, I am grateful.

big sky country

one lone skier capitol view

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2 responses to “Gliding Over Frozen Lake Monona”

  1. First of all, you don’t realize how hard cross-country skiing is till you try it. Its like jogging over snow. I think the last time I did it was in middle school at a church retreat. I always admired those people who were out on the Parkway schussing by on their skiis while the rest of us stayed in and drank our hot chocolate. Ahhh… it makes me miss Wisconsin. Anyways, way to keep up the training regimen, even when its freezing, you deserve lots of credit. Definitely keep up with the efforts on the book too. I want to read it! You can make a book out of speeches or blog entries, or whatever, its all inspiring and worthy of a good read. You can just add another slash, grant writer/marathoner/ger/tutor/AUTHOR! Sounds good, huh?

  2. dang… that is beautiful* i am grateful that i get to share and BE in these expereices with you and Diene, through your writing…but also… I get to actually SEE your life and energy on a given day.

    the light within you is refelceted the light that surrounds you…let that light shine!

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