Google Maps in Senegal – SO COOL!!!

Google recently updated to include a lot more detail in four african countries’ maps – Senegal included.  Diene and I had so much fun finding his hometown, Yayeme (spelled Yayem on the map).  How fun to be able to see the road I walked from Fimela, where the bus would drop me off, to Yayeme, where I would arrive to the sunny faces of friends.

I’ve embedded the map below for you to play around with.  Why not try and find Samba Dia, where the I found myself in the market during  this story. Here’s a hint: its walking distance from Yayeme.

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For fun, I’ve pasted the map of Madison,  Diene’s adopted home. Just the colors alone will tell you – he left a lot of trees to come to a lot of concrete.

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Grateful for google maps!

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2 responses to “Google Maps in Senegal – SO COOL!!!”

  1. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing! I often wish I had more time to cruise around Google Maps.

  2. Katie,
    I just finished Give With Gratitude. It is one of the finest books I’ve ever read! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I will be encouraging everyone I know (especially fellow Rotarians) to get their own copy. Thanks for all you’ve done for the people of Senegal and for all the people who you’ve touched with your excellent book.

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