How to Get Free Homemade Cookies

My blog, Snippets of Gratitude, turns 1 year old on October 16th and to celebrate I am throwing a party!


If you send me (snail mail) a postcard with a list of the things that you are grateful for, I will send you some homemade vegan cookies.  I am not kidding.  (This is how desperate I am to get mail.  Anyone who works at home may understand how the mailman can start to feel like a quotidian Santa Claus)  If you don’t want cookies, I’ll send you a favorite photograph of mine instead.  But I have to ask – who doesn’t like cookies?

Even if we haven’t met yet, I’ll exchange cookies for a postcard of gratitude from you.

It does not have to be a mind shattering list.  In fact, I’d be most happy to read a list of whatever you are grateful for the moment you sit down to write. You can lie if you want.  I mean, how would I know if you are actually dating the model/poet you write down the list, or have a byline in the New Yorker the month, or actually found what you’ve been seeking all these years?  If the thought of it fills you with gratitude, write it down. But don’t overlook the ordinary.  New toothbrushes, favorite melodies, a smile from a stranger.  I want it all.

The Only Rule:   Postmark it by October 16th, 2008.  (And don’t forget to include your return address – so I can mail you the cookies.)

I can’t wait to see what you write.  Tell your friends.  They’ll like my cookies too, and then love you more for being the friend who hooked them up with delicious treats.

Mail it to:

Katie Krueger

525 Miller Ave #2

Madison, WI 53704

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