If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em

For years, I mocked blogs.  Then I started one and it’s a source of joy in my daily routine. My professional blog has helped me makes lots of money since I began it.  www.katiekrueger.com/  www.findfunding.net/

For years, I cringed at the thought Facebook and doubted it would bring any valuefacebook-logo.jpg to my life, until it reconnected me to old friends and strengthened ties with new ones.  Its helped me make money from writing articles, increased the number of readers I have, and generally made me feel closer to a lot of cool people from my past.


For months, I laughed at the ridiculousness of Twitter.  Before that turns to years of missed opportunity, I am surrendering.  http://twitter.com/KatieKrueger 


Social networking technology is worth embracing;  it’s brought so much good to my life in the past few years.  Plus, I am no longer convinced its a trend for young people who will grow out of it.  For crying outloud – I have facebook friends who are in their 80s.  I am grateful to be alive and participating in a time when technology is changing the way we live.

(Perhaps its the articles I’ve been writing about social networking that helped convince me.  Here’s one of the most recent if you are interested:  Forte Madison: Social Networking Tools for Businesses)

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