It’s Spring in My Heart and On the River

Some people might shy away at the suggestion of taking out a metal canoe with untested cracks on a 50 degree March evening on Lake Monona, only weeks after all the ice melted into the lake.  Not my sister.  She thinks its a great idea and, in fact, will help me carry the canoe to the frigid river and brave getting in with me.  And she’ll paddle much harder than I so that I can take awesome shots of ducks, bridges, and graffiti.  The whole time, we’ll dream of the life of leisure that we’re so close to living.  I am grateful for my sister and how she thinks semi-crazy adventures are a great idea.


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2 responses to “It’s Spring in My Heart and On the River”

  1. This picture is beautiful, i know where you are, and it is the most beautiful it can be on a day like this in your photo!

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