Let’s Get This Party Started

Today I found another gratitude list postcard in my mailbox!  I am so happy you are actually writing to me and I can’t wait to do some major double-batch cookie baking.   For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – to celebrate Snippets of Gratitude’s first birthday, I will send you some homemade cookies! All you have to do is send me a postcard with a list of the things you are grateful for.   See the link on the right for more details.

One of my greatest blessings (and also biggest curses) is the ability to dream big.   When the idea of the Snippets of Gratitude Birthday Bash came to me, my train of thought went something like this:

Ooohhh, fun – I get to share my vegan cookies and get postcards.  People will do it.  Will they do it?  Of course they’ll do it – who doesn’t love cookies?  In fact, so many people love cookies that I’ll probablly be baking enough to open my own bakery.  Hmmm…the Gratitude Cafe.  I like that!  I could totally do that.  I’ll just put the hundreds of lists I get into a book, publish it, get Oprah to love it, sell millions of copies, make the world happy and earn enough to open the bakery.  I’ll be so rich by then, I can make it a nonprofit bakery.  I’ll hire Bonniejean to do the non-vegan baking and soon the whole world will forget about Mrs. Fields and instead eat our cookies.   I can’t wait to sit on Oprah’s couch and tell her it all began with a simple birthday celebration.  “I never dreamed I’d have to bake 100 batches of cookies!” I’ll lie and she’ll laugh and the audience will laugh and then we’ll cut to commercial break.

The blessing in this is that sometimes, my dreams actualy come true.  Becoming a vegetarian.  Living in Africa.  Working full-time as a writer.  Starting my own business.  All of these were simply ideas that spiraled out of control.

The curse is that its very easy to talk myself out of a dream that has become bloated to a point I no longer recognize it.  Why even bother starting if the bakery doors will never open?

But this week, each time I go to the mailbox I am reminded of the reason to bother taking the first step towards a goal.  The chimeric Gratitude Cafe is only a magnified version of what dwells in heart of the simple postcard/cookie exchange  – sharing something I love and celebrating gratitude. I am thankful that these days, I can do both simply by sticking my hand deep into my mailbox,  pulling out a postcard, and reading something you wrote.  It makes me just as happy as sitting on Oprah’s couch could.  (well, maybe.)

Send me your postcards!  I’ll send you my cookies.

3 responses to “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. Oh you know I am right there with you sister. The Gratitude Cafe, I LOVE it! And then of course we can publish a cookbook with the mad cookbook writing skills we learn on Sunday. This is awesome.

  2. and when the laughter dies down and we are back from commercial break…Oprah will remind the audience that one of her “favorite things” (not unlike, lash blast mascara)… is the bakery’s special seasonal vegan cookie: oatmeal honeycrisp apple with pistachios…she tells the audience and viewers at home that she just LUV’S this cookie SoOOoooo much…that everyone is going home with a dozen…and then she calls out her “elves”… under-paid but psyched to be working for Oprah emplyees”…and they pour down the isles handing out cookies to the screaming, tearful, half hyperventalted audience. Thanks O! Sales just got a little sweeter*

    I am grateful that from my cube in San Francisco…I…can dream…with YOU.

  3. Hi Katie,
    If only I would have read your blog sooner, Darn! I could have gotten some free cookies just for scribbling on a postcard and sending it to you.

    Uncle Frederick 🙂

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