Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren At A Time

This morning, I woke up early and stayed in bed reading Population: 485. I was even delivered the luxury of coffee in bed, so I had no worldy reason to leave the cozy warmth. Eventually, the coffee filtered its way back to the world, giving me a reason. Nature is but a cycle, our bodies but machines.

The author, Michael Perry, is a Wisconsin writer, a title I hold in high regard. He’s got a great sense of humor that translates well onto the page. It also comes across well in video; for any of you wondering how to hypnotize a chicken, the answer is here, in this thank you speech from Perry. Warning: you could easily spend half a day watching quirky video clips on his website,

Today, I am grateful for the elements of a perfect Sunday morning: Diene’s coffee-making and delivery, having a good book on the bedside table, life in a Wisconsin town on the page, and God’s forgiveness that “church” didn’t make this list.

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