Party of 12

If you are planning a party, you want it to be big, right?  During my two years as an MBA student, I’ve worked as the project assistant at the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship.  One of the most fun tasks of each year has been planning the Center’s trip: last year to Chicago and this year to San Francisco.  The planning is tedious (so many details!) but enjoyable because I get to make the trip exactly what I want it to be. We get to visit cool companies, meet entrepreneurs, and connect with alums and feel some Badger love while out there.  This year, in my first planning meeting, my goal was to get every student in our center (1o of us) to come.  As of our last pre-trip meeting, less than a week before departure, only 9 of us were going.  But then, in true game-time-decision style, the last one decided to buy a ticket an join us. Now its all 10 of us, for one final hoorah before graduation. Plus one alum and one advisor.   I couldn’t be more grateful.


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