Police Parade

Turning on to Capitol Square, I check my rear view mirror to see the street behind me full of police motorcycles, lights flashing.  I check my speedometer and hit the brakes – a conditioned response – and see I am going about 10 MPH.  I get up to the cars ahead of me, only to realize they are sheriff vehicles from various counties across the state.  At that moment, my cell phone rings.

“I gotta go,” I say, as soon as I pick up.  “I have managed to get caught up in some sort of police parade.”

When I get out of traffic, park my car, and come back to see what was going on, I realize it is the Annual Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony.  A day to remember those who have died in order to protect and serve.  We should all be grateful to them.

I was grateful just to realize they weren’t coming for me!

police parade

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  1. That is SO funny! The first year I had my Saturn, I got caught up in the tail end of the Monona Memorial Day parade. It’s still one of Eric’s favorite stories to tell! (p.s. love the mounted pic on FB)

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