Recipe for a Perfect Day

I arrived at my 9:00 meeting this morning, only to discover that I had made a mistake – it started at 9:30, leaving me with enough time to go get coffee and a bagel down the street.  Super sweet. As I waited for my coffee, I read my horoscope, which advised patience through the red lights, as the green lights were on their way.   A reassuring start to what turned out to be a pretty perfect day. Other key elements:

  • Learning about publishing, from experts
  • Working in teams with friends who are smart
  • Indian Buffet lunch
  • Talking business with fellow consultants
  • Subcontracting
  • Rishi White Tea Rose Melange
  • Connecting with kindred spirits & social entrepreneurs
  • Book recommendations – How to Change the World
  • Going to A Room of One’s Own to buy two books and learning that the number of my books that they’ve sold is in the double digits.
  • Picking up a commission check
  • Cruising through the arboretum in the luxury sedan
  • Snapping pictures out the window, the kind driver pulling over for me
  • Having a loved one offer to sell my book at a fair trade fair
  • Shampoo shopping, finding a new scent that I love
  • Red Wine
  • Drink invitation with friends
  • A ridiculously warm November day in Wisconsin
  • green lights



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  1. I saw your book listed on the “newly acquired” section of the Madison public library….congrats!

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