Remembering the horrors of high school gym class

I am up to my eyeballs in grant writing for the next three weeks, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted already – and I’m not even in the week before a deadline!  I’m having trouble finding the joy in all, but my colleague Jess Riley has managed to keep a sense of humor.  If you want a laugh, stop over at her blog and read some of the highlights from a recent survey of high school kids on the merits of physical education. A few highlights:

Q. Phy Ed is important because:

The unintentionally amusing: “It keeps us in the best shape of all the classes”

The unintentionally clever: “It’s a waist of an hour”

The honest: “It’s not”

The empathy award: “Lazy kids (not in sports) need to be active” AND “Get fat kids in shape”

The guy: “There are tits!” -AND- “Girls do jumping jacks”

I am grateful for Jess today, and the fact that she’s somehow managing to find humor in the madness that is grant writing for school districts in February and March.    Incidentally, she’s also a great novelist.


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  1. Her full post of the responses is SO funny! I LOVE the titties guy. He thinks he’s so clever!

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