I am sick.  The end of my nose is rubbed raw from using cheap kleenex to wipe it.  My throat burns from coughing and my whole body just wants to lay in bed.  I don’t get sick too often, but when I do, I spend most of the time asking myself how I ever dared to take life for granted when healthy.  All my procrastination irks me, now that the deadline is approaching on a few articles and I have to muster up strength just to get to the computer.  Never again, I pledge.  Like the hungover drunk who vows to become a teetotaler.

Still, I manage to find a few things to be grateful for:

  • nyquil
  • online scrabble games
  • pajamas
  • orange juice
  • knowing that I will eventually get better
  • paid sick days
  • ricola cough drops
  • all that OTC medicine so readily available to me

3 responses to “Sicko.”

  1. girl…there are a few things in life you must compromise on and expensive aloe filled, Vick’s drenched kleenex is one of them. i am grateful for knowing you are sick simply by reading this blog…when otherwise i may not have known since the time zones keep us at fierce phone tag…i am grateful to know that you probably didn’t answer my last call not because you were in a meeting at work but because you were hopefully taking a nap or watching family fued…and i am grateful for being able to… so quickly and easily… give you some TLC even being so far away! this flu…too..shall pass…be gently with yourself…embrace the concept of REST…and nurture your self and your body with great care*

    I love you more than the name “Uptown Grillz”…

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. I finally sprung for the lotion-drenched kleenexes. What a difference! Jenny – I miss posting about running even more than running! Im hoping to get back out there soon.

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