Spring has Sprung (or How Flickr Added Joy to My Life)

A few days ago, in the Isthmus Flickr Pool, I saw a photo of a crocus bud pushing out of the soil. I commented and asked if it was a)taken in Madison and b) taken this year.

The next day, the photographer responded (yes and yes) and posted another photograph of the tenacious little thing blooming! The orange blossom was as bright as my hope for spring.

Since then (March 16th) I’ve been checking for buds under the receding mountains of snow in our front yard daily, but to no avail. I have been successful in infecting others, though. Tonight, I was working late and at 5:30 I get an unexpected phone call at the office: Diene just wanted to let me know there are some flower buds peeking out over in Kim’s old yard. If you look out our kitchen window, you can just barely see them. He was about to go down and inspect further.

Today, I am grateful for spring’s onset and for friendly neighborhood photographers and for Flickr and for Diene and for, above all, crocuses.

I’ll leave with you this lovely poem (stolen from the photo description).

First the winter storms awoke us,
Then the rains began to soak us,
Before our eyes could clearly focus –


By the way, you can see the photos here:

Crocus Bud

Crocus Bloom

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One response to “Spring has Sprung (or How Flickr Added Joy to My Life)”

  1. Yea, Katie! Yep, those forst blooms of the spring really do it for me too. I find myself outside poling and peeking, in eager anticipation. I have a few posts on the coming of spring at my own photo blog, eyeDance. The link should be attached. Nice getting to write back and forth with you. Maybe we’ll meet at a Madison Flickrmeet one of these days?

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