The MBA Opportunity

Business school must be working.  Lately, with an apartment full of floral arrangements, all I can do is dream about opening a floral shop.  Of course, this has always been a habit of mine  – trying to make businesses out of creative endeavors.  Except now, I know some of the answers to the question, “How do I…?”  I understand what information I would need to collect, what types of people I would need to find, and how to ask smarter questions for all the other things I don’t know yet.  I don’t know if I believe that I could do it yet, but I think I am on my way.  That’s a good feeling.

Before the MBA, I probably would have just admired the flowers and daydreamed of a retail shop.  Now I see Diene’s creative gift and wonder if we can franchise it.

I am grateful for all the entrepreneurial business strategy filling my head these days.

Diene's Floral Portfolio

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  1. we should have known he had these skill if we had focused just a bit harder on his christmas cookie decorating…clearly his use of color placement was embedded in the psychedelic frosting swirls*

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