This is What 29 Looks Like

Yesterday was my golden birthday! 29 on the 29th. Birthdays rule because so many friends and family call or write to wish you a good day. Plus, I love any excuse to mark time and look back introspectively. Despite the temperature dropping more than 40 degrees over the course of the day, I still managed to have that nice, warm feeling all day long. Here are 29 highlights:

  1. working from homei love you tulip
  2. lots of facebook
  3. 90 minute massage
  4. lunch from the Willy Street Coop
  5. scoring a sweet bag for free (from the box shelf at the Coop)
  6. photos from Dad in the mail that made me laugh
  7. card from mom and dad
  8. my t-shirt from Yellowstone Park Foundation arriving (3 months after I ordered it)
  9. watching Ben Harper and Decemberists videos on Youtube.
  10. watching the RSVPs trickle in on evite
  11. a bouquet of wise gold flowers from Emily
  12. a bouquet of hopeful tulips from Diene
  13. having something bright and colorful to photograph indoors
  14. an easy 3.5 mile run (despite getting pelted in the face with sleet)
  15. breathing new life in to an old story of mine
  16. cooking yellow curry and brown rice
  17. an unexpected donation to Project Japale Goune arriving
  18. not burning or under cooking brown rice, for the first time in life
  19. funny email exchanges with coworkersgolden trio
  20. discovering I share a birthday with Thomas Paine
  21. German chocolate cake
  22. Diene’s classes canceled, giving us the evening together
  23. talking with Amy during the day
  24. Hallmark ecards
  25. going the whole day without coffee (and no withdrawal headache)
  26. blowing out all my candles on the first try
  27. Diene’s bilingual Happy Birthday serenade
  28. hoping McGinn will be a virtual marathon training partner
  29. feeling like there was nothing more I could have wanted from the day


5 responses to “This is What 29 Looks Like”

  1. Oh dearest Katie, I missed your BIRTHDAY!!! May this last year in the 20’s be full of adventure, fulfillment, contentment and inner and outer prosperity!

    I wanted to mention that a friend just gifted me two books — 3 Cups of Tea and The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner. The latter book is interesting and I’ve leafed through it a bit, as one can do with such a book. But THREE CUPS OF TEA has totally blown me away. I alternate between crying and laughing (I spoke of the book in my VB Gratitudes today). Have you “cracked” it yet? Your project in Senegal and mine in Ecuador are on a similar track.


  2. Since you haven’t “moderated” yesterday’s comment I’ll quickly add another! Check out this guy’s blog. He’s an interesting character and his blog his good. I was especially interested in his “Senegal Reflections” from Jan 11 and his commentaries about Obama (who I support1). xox

  3. @maha – thanks for the comments! i have been busy having fun this weekend – i tried to stretch out the bday celebrations. I can’t wait to read this guys blog!
    yes – our projects are well on their way. I started 3 cups of tea, but had to shelf it for Middlesex in the interest of book club. Both have been impressing me! 🙂

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