Vouluez-vous bavarder avec moi?

In the past week, I have  conducted two business meetings entirely in French.   This is something I would have thought entirely impossible at one time.  This makes me trés contente.  I am grateful to have been gifted with an affinity and respect for languages, and for every opportunity I have to practice my french, wolof, serer, hindi, arabic, spanish….and any of the others I’ve dabbled in.   Learning a new language is like peering through a crack in the roof – the more time you give it, the wider your worldview becomes.  It helps magnify the size of your dreams, your definition of possibility, and the infinitity of your potential.

One response to “Vouluez-vous bavarder avec moi?”

  1. I agree totally about knowing/learning languages… now that I was able to use spanish in a spanish-speaking country, whatever happens in the mind when creating those language pathways has become addicting.

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