With the world at my fingertips…

Four days after getting fired my job position was eliminated, I have no shortage of dreams I feel well-equipped to follow. Tonight (its 12:41am and I’ve been surfing for dreams for far too long), I am grateful for the possibility that lies ahead of me. Perhaps I will do any or all of these things:

  • finish my book. use all my extra time to go on book tour and sell 100,000 copies
  • start my own grant writing business
  • retire by 30
  • work at a book store
  • travel to Africa
  • become a vegan baker
  • become a landscaper
  • go back to school to study… (and here is where I’ve spent hours on the internet)…linguistics, English, rhetoric, education, african literature & languages, horticulture, real estate, business, creative writing, ???
  • get another 40-hour/week job, 50 week/year. (omg, please help me if that is the choice)
  • live off unemployment for as long as possible while taking amateur photos, baking vegan treats, and sewing quiltshideyourstash.jpg
  • pour my energy back into the long-forgotten HideYourStash.com venture
  • move to the mountains, ocean, or Australia
  • take up short story writing
  • start Ladies K LLC, for real
  • ride my bike across the country
  • teach more classes
  • become an internet millionaire
  • concentrate my efforts on getting on Oprah
  • read all my favorite books
  • run or ride my bike every day.
  • eat chocolate cookies, drink red wine, and sulk about losing my job
  • sleep late, stay up late, get on a crazy nocturnal schedule that only artists, writers, and the mentally ill can keep
  • discover an alternative fuel source
  • do some serious woodworking with my dad
  • transform my blog into money-making-machine
  • become the world’s best K-12 grant writer just to make ’em sorry they let me go
  • become a bike mechanic
  • teach Spinning classes
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